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Drinking Water Tanks

DGS Fabrics Tanks are most suitable for storage of drinking water in commercial and industrial establishments.

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Edible Oil Tanks

DGS Fabrics Tanks with Infinity liner are adaptable and can be made suitable to store oils like sunflower oil, mustard oil etc.



ETP & STP Tanks

Effluent and Sewage Treatment is a very demanding application where our Tanks can easily address every need.

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Fire Water Tanks

DGS Fabrics Tanks are used for Fire Hydrant applications. They are also used for controlling forest fires in remote areas.

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RO & DM Water Tanks

Our Tanks have been used for RO and DM water storage applications in manufacturing industries.

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Rain & Raw Water Tanks

DGS Fabrics Tanks have historically been used for Roof-top Rain Water Harvesting and have found extensive application for storage of Raw & Treated water for various applications.

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