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Fuel, oil, chemical and water storage tank interiors generally need excellent protection against corrosion or leackage. Without proper lining system, the contents of these tanks tend to corrode the steel walls and bottom. This poses problems. First of all for the ability of the tanks to contain their contents, which could leak into the environment causing a safety hazard as well as result in losses of liquids.


Additionally, proper tank lining preserves the quality of the content against rust, contamination or leaking. Linings also are crucial because it increases tank life and helps avoid highly costly replacements or repairs. From the construction phase or when the opportunity arises it is very important to have a protective lining system which could prevent a lot of problems in the future.

Nowadays a lot of companies in the oil & gas, chemical, food & feed and pharma industry need to make a decision, also because of more strict environmental regulations, about the maintenance or replacement of their storage tanks. Interior coating repair and relining is very costly and takes a lot of time. Tanks are long out of use. We have developed a tank lining system that offers a cost-effective and time saving solution. The Inside Geomembrane Tank (Re)Lining System (IGTLS).

DGS Fabrics is able to install a primary containment lining systems inside steel, concrete and wood containment structures. To fabricte our lining interior tank lining system we use technically advanced geomembrane and geosynthetic materials. This makes it possible to install a primary containment system inside above ground storage tanks and below ground concrete structures. Because our lining systems are double-geomembrane-walled, it allows continuous monitoring to ensure containment and protection of the tank and the environment.

Advantages of using our IGTLS system:


  • Liners can be designed for any containment tank, such as steel, concrete, wood or other constructed vessel.

  • DGS Fabrics inside lining systems can be used for all kinds of liquids, like hydrocarbon and petroleum products, extremely corrosive and high temperature chemicals, acid or alkaline and waste fluids as well as water and water-based products.

  • DGS Fabrics inside lining systems are quickly and easily applied, keeping installation costs and installation time to a minimum.

  • DGS Fabrics inside lining systems can be applied in both welded or bolted steel tanks. Because the system also can be applied in bolted steel tanks, investment costs and  in building new tanks can be reduced drastically.

  • DGS Fabrics lining systems contributes to dramatically reduce of the expense of ongoing maintenance and repairs.

  • Applying our lining system can extend, in most regulatory jurisdictions, the inspection intervals of the structure and life of the tank.


DGS Fabrics Inside Geomembrane Tank (Re)Lining Systems are fabricate of: 

  1. Fastening System
    The fastening system provides a leak proof seal around the top wall of the tank. Depending on the tank dimensions we use different kinds of bolts and nuts. The fastening system can be installed at any height on the tank wall, above or below the liquid level. 

  2. Geomembrane Liner
    We offer our inside liner system in to option. The first option is a 1 layer geomembrane with an installed geotextile between the geomembrane and the tank wall or a 2-layered geomembrane with or without an installed geotextile between the geomem second geomembrane and the tank wall.  The extra geomembrane or geotextile creates a transmissive layer that becomes the interstitial space between the tank and the liner. The interstitial space is monitored to ensure containment. 

  3. Leak detection System
    The leak detection provides continuous monitoring of the stored content against leaks.

  4. Geotextile Layer
    Protects the tank liner from the imperfections of the tank walls such as cracks, rust, small holes, bolts, etc.

Selective Tank Lining Materials:​

The selected geomembrane will be chosen based on the fluid type and temperature of the liquid. Because of the use of technically high advanced and engineered geomembranes enables us to fabricate such an inside lining system. For the fabrication of our inside lining system we mostly use Modified PVC, Urethanes and/or Fluorothermal Plastic. The Modified PVC has excellent resistance against hydrocarbons and less caustic chemicals. The Urethanes provides perfect resistance to refined fuels and the Fluorothermal Plastichas extreme tolerance and very high heat resistance.​

Contact DGS Fabrics today. We are ready to assist you with your containment product needs! 

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