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LLDPE liner is designed to be used when higher elongation properties are required. It is similar to HDPE, but is lower in density, thus being more flexible.  LLDPE is generally shipped to job sites in large rolls and deployed by machines.  Seaming by DGS Fabrics' certified installation technicians occurs in the field by heat fusion welding. LLDPE is also available in textured versions to enhance traction.  


LLDPE applications, Decorative Ponds & Lakes, Landfill Liner & Caps, Golf Course Ponds, Landfill Caps, Pond & Lake Liners, Drop-In Tank Liners, Vapor Barriers, Greens & Bunker Liners, Irrigation Reservoirs, Containment Pits, Mining Heap Leach Pads, Secondary Containment.

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