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DGS Fabrics geomembranes are used in the solid waste industry where the characteristics of high tensile strength, low thermal expansion-contraction, high puncture strength and/or prefabrication capability are essential. As landfills become more difficult to engineer, and the management of leachate is more of an issue, our materials like XR-5 are increasingly the material of choice for difficult applications.

Landfills are massive, critical projects. A secure landfill is carefully engineered to avoid any hydraulic connection between the wastes and the surrounding environment. Using only the best quality landfill liner materials is very important since preventing any leak from happening should be of the highest priority. A landfill liner helps prevent the migration of leachate and toxic byproducts not only into top soil, but also from penetrating aquifers or nearby rivers and the contamination of other local water sources. 


Our geomembranes have excellent weld-ability, flexibility and conformity. Our lining system provide significantly lower permeability, improved ease of installation and increased amount of usable space, which are a very important factors when it comes to landfill containment. We offer custom fabricated panels to cut down on costly installation and help lower any chances of possible leaks. 

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