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Reinforced Polypropylene (RPP) geomembrane is a heat-weldable polyester reinforced sheet designed for floating covers and liners in potable and industrial water containment applications. RPP brings together two soft, supple PP films laminated onto a reinforcing scrim layer. The resulting geomembrane is strong enough to hang vertically in the form of a baffle curtain or tank liner, and durable enough to leave burried or exposed to the elements for many years. 

RPE in 0,91 mm is warrantied for 15 years - 1,14 mm is warranted for 20 years. - 1,52 mm is warranted for 20 years. RPE can be prefabricated in panel in a controlled workshop up to 3,000 sqm. DGS Fabrics installs RPP using heat fusion welding equipment, operated by well trained and certified welding technicians, which will provide our customers with a high quality lining system. 

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