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DGS Fabrics fabricates three high engineered grades of geomembranes for containment: BC R-130 geomembranes are for broad chemical resistant applications requiring high-strength membranes; MC R-228 geomembranes are for moderate chemical resistant requirements; and PW version for potable water contact products. Other specialty manufactured products include: Polyurethanes for e.g. tank floors and liners, pillow and inflatable tanks.

DGS Fabrics Engineered Membranes features core applications that include Key features like flexibility and heat weldability, as well as high tear, puncture, temperature, chemical, and UV resistance.

We regularly assist our clients with geomembrane services such as material evaluation and selection. On the other hand we provide roll stock geomembranes and geomembranes which are fabricated to size, fully installed, or are manufactured according to a specific design/build contract. 


All the BCR and MCR Geomembrane products are classified as an Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy (EIA). They are very stable, with low thermal expansion/contraction properties, and come in factory panels over 1.500-2.500 square meters for less field seaming. 

In addition to our own products we offer a broad range of reliable geomembranes and geosynthetics. Please find more information under the Products button.

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