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For over 40 years, XR-5 has been used by engineers who have needed the strongest geomembrane for use in the world's harshest conditions. Backed by over 60 years of coated fabric technology, Seaman Corporation's XR-5 is the highest-strength and most chemically resistant geomembrane on the market. XR-5 was developed to contain and protect against acids, oils, methane and alkalis. Across the world, XR-5 is being used for pond liners, landfills, primary and secondary containment, floating covers, tank liners, wastewater, baffles, leach pads, water and chemical storage and a lot more applications, etc..

A lighter-duty geomembrane, XR-3 is perfect for applications that require moderate chemical resistance and strength. Backed by over 60 years of leading fabric technology, XR-3 uses the same base technology found in XR-5. This versatile and economical fabric can commonly be found in municipal wastewater and stormwater runoff applications, etc..

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