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EPDM is an inexpensive alternative to traditional polymer geomembrane systems. EPDM is an elastomeric rubber, which is a thermoset, meaning it can not be melted for traditional heat welding operations. Any seams that are required are made using an adhesive or tape system. Complete seaming supplies and instructions are available from DGS Fabrics. Field seams are minimized by the wide range of roll widths which are available 1,20m to 6,00m. In general 1,14mm EPDM is used in most applications but a 1.50 mm thick version is also available up to 6mm thickness.


EPDM is highly flexible and supple, making it ideal for conforming to landscape pond formations such as steps or waterfalls. EPDM is highly resistant to UV light and other weathering elements, and a 20 year exposed service warranty is available from the manufacturer. EPDM normally applied in pond liners, lakes, canals, fish stock ponds. It can be self-installed in residential water features. As with any exposed membrane, a safety bench and edge treatment are recommended. EPDM may be adhered to concrete.

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