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Biogas Production

Can be applied to large biogas production plants that need to be managed in different regions or separately, and it is more capable of centralized waste treatment and more specialized.



Drinking Water Tanks

Globally accepted for use with drinking water.  The hard, inert, and hygienic surface of the GFtS finish minimises the risk of bacterial growth on the contact surface of the tank and makes them simple to clean and disinfect.

glass fused tanks.3.webp


Waste Water Sewage Tanks

Easy to install, can arbitrarily combine different sewage treatment areas, to achieve efficient sewage treatment effect and treatment link fit.



Fire Water Tanks

Application in fire water storage, fire business construction, according to local requirements and specifications to choose.

storage tank.11.jpg


Chemical Storage Tanks

Excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used to store acid and alkali liquid in industrial plants. The enamel is sprayed on the surface of the steel plate, and then high sintering is carried out to make the surface of the steel plate corrosion-resistant. Enamel surface is smooth, glazed and sealed with special sealant, suitable for many different liquid storage purposes.



Bulk Agricultural Solid Storage

Because of the exceptional abrasion resistance properties, the GFtS coatings presenting a hygienic, low friction surface for stored feed products like grains, soyameal, powders, etc..

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