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For over many years, DGS Fabrics has produced a wide variety of collapsible fabric tanks, also known as Flexible Tanks and Pillow Bladders.

Our geomembranes were developed specifically for above-ground tank bottom liners and pillow tanks for containment and storage of harsh chemicals such as fuel. With a unique base fabric and perfectly formulated coating, our geomembranes are engineered to resist abrasions, punctures and corrosion caused by harsh chemicals. Even in the most extreme environments, they continue to remain flexible and reliable.


DGS Fabrics designs, engineers, fabricates, installs and provides maintenance of environmental and collapsible storage products for contractors, engineers, military, industrial, and commercial operations, etc.. We are able to fabricate collapsible storage tanks with capacities from 100 liters to over 800.000 liters.

Whenever semi-permanent or temporary bulk liquid storage is needed quickly, DGS Fabrics bladders are the perfect solution.

The tanks come with a choice of fabrics made for a number of liquid storage applications, including:

  • Potable Water

  • Non-Potable Water

  • Fuels & Hydrocarbons 

  • Chemical liquids

  • Frac liquids

  • Process liquids

  • Onions, etc.

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