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Custom fabrication is our business. Our design and engineering team has the experience and the industry expertise to design a solution that meets your requirements. 


Geomembrane lining systems have been around for decades. As environmental concerns become more prevalent, these lining systems are a practical means to prevent pollution. We are specialised in the installation of geomembranes lining systems. DGS Fabrics has a complete lining service carried out by well- trained and experienced engineers and technicians. 

Custom fabrication in our controlled workshop has a lot of advantages:

  • Fabrication of flexible geomembrane liner eliminates up to 80% of field seaming, resulting in less construction time, seam faillures and saving installation time. The installation can be in service much quicker in relation to geomembranes which need installation in the field like HDPE. 

  • Factory seaming of liner is done in a climate controlled area eliminating weather issues, like wind, dust, cold/heat, rain, etc.. It increases the seam and weld quality and fabrication can be done during daytime and night. Deadlines can be meet more easily.

  • Project specific adaptations are more easily engineered in a factory setting and panels can be built to every dimension a customer prefer. We have designed a special welding machine which is able to weld 3 different rolls in panels in one shift up to 7,5M in width.

  • Specialty Jobs like Floating Covers & Fabricated Geotextiles are designed with fabrication and the product in mind.

DGS Fabrics also offers maintenance and repair support for your installation. We also provide regular inspections, cleaning, leak detection and repair, and sample extraction and evaluation.


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