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DGS Fabrics designs, engineers, fabricates, installs and provides maintenance of environmental products for contractors, engineers, military, industrial, and commercial operations.  DGS Fabrics has applied its in-house design capabilities to the development of primary and secondary containment systems for all kinds of applications. From liner design to flexible lining systems for dike liners and tank liners, floating covers, caps, baffles, waste water ponds and landfills, etc., DGS Fabrics has created a comprehensive system approach to all kinds of containment.

Our abilities to design primary and secondary containment systems to minimize field assembly and to find or develop materials to provide excellent strength, flexibility, and compatibility have set DGS Fabrics apart in the industry. During the years innovative solutions, like inside lining systems for hydrocarbon storage tanks and by engineering lining systems to minimize or eliminate welding of the liner in the field have resulted to make field assembly of components faster, has increased the reliability of the containment system and lessened the skill and training requirements for the installer. All of this adds up to reduced cost over the life of the installation.

Because of years of experience in geomembrane containment technology, DGS Fabrics supports a complete selection of geomembrane materials with design assistance, fabrication and installation services. We work with the owner, engineering consultant or general contractor to ensure the optimum design with the most efficient and cost-effective installation for any geomembrane application.

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