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DGS Fabrics has been serving the geosynthetic industry for a long time. We know that on many projects a Custom Design-Build solution is needed to serve our customers in the best way and providing our customers with the best containment solution available.


We have a great deal of experience creating custom accessories and products in order to meet our customer's needs and their unique project requirements. Our range of products includes a complete portfolio of designed and high engineered customized solutions, like floating covers, baffle curtains, (tank)liners, primary and secondary containment, oil booms, etc.. Our experienced team also work regularly with custom products and designs, and are happy discuss a variety of options. 


During the years we have developed product solutions aimed directly at the needs of our customers. By listening and responding to industry demands, the Company has combined its long-standing industry knowledge and sustainable chemistry to develop some of the most innovative product solutions.


Geomembrane lining systems have been around for decades. As environmental concerns become more prevalent, these lining systems are a practical means to prevent pollution. We are specialised in the installation of geomembranes lining systems. DGS Fabrics has a complete lining service carried out by well- trained and experienced engineers and technicians. 

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