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DGS Fabrics has several geomembranes servicing the upstream, midstream and downstream markets of the oil and gas industry. DGS Fabrics manufactures and fabricates liners for e.g. secondary and primary fuel contaiment apllications, like Tank Liners, Oil Pits, and Hydrocarbon reservoirs, etc. 


We also have a full line of technically advanced secondary containment geomembrane liners for all types of chemical applications. DGS Fabrics has the capability to pre-fabricate custom sized liners and installation services to meet all cusomers specific needs. All our geomembranes are designed with the strength and durability necessary for primary and secondary containment of spills for a short and long period, even under catastrophic circumstances. The geomembranes are designed to resist puncture, withstand long term contact with leaked hydrocarbons and chemicals and successfully handle thermal expansion-contraction.

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