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DGS Fabrics manufactures specially reinforced PVC products used in the aquaculture industry. These materials are formulated with additives which do not inhibit the growth of certain types of harvestable water-borne plants, but yet are sunlight stable and are manufactured using a tough knitted base fabric. Proof of the effectiveness of these geomembranes can be found in the spirulina industry.

DGS Fabrics geomembrane lining system offers enormous benefits to your agriculture projects. It secure water containment because the extremely low permeability, excellent UV resistance and elevated temperatures. The system will improve the water quality control because no additives or chemicals are added which can contaminate the water. By using our lining system it will help by disease control. The system can prevent occurrence of diseases because it can be quickly cleaned, desinfected and reused, which will result in optimizing harvest seasons. Our lining systems are manufactured for long life, easy repair and low installation and maintenance costs, which will result in increasing revenues, reducing risk and control operating costs.

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