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CSPE is an excellent floating cover and lining material with one of the best weathering warranties available. Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE) geomembrane and cover materials are highly UV stabilized. CSPE has been used as a lining and cover material for more than 30 years, and has shown exceptional durability and longevity in potable water facilities. CSPE liner will retain flexibility in freeze/thaw conditions and will resist the elements better than most other known material. It's resistance to oxidation and immunity to ozone and UV make it a lining choice in potable water and some industrial waste applications (that don't contain fats oils or hydrocarbons), floating covers and exposed lagoons.

CSPE is a synthetic rubber product manufactured by the calendar process into plies that are combined over reinforcing polyester scrim layer or layers during manufacture.  It is available in up to 5 ply layers (with two reinforcing layers) making it an excellent choice for steep slopes and dam lining applications. 

CSPE Liner can be heat welded under controlled conditions into panels at a workshop and field seamed using either heat welding or solvent adhesives.  CSPE is available in 0,76, 1,125 and 1,5 mm thicknesses and up to 2,3 mm. CSPE can be prefabricated in panels of up to 2.500 sqm. 

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