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Our tanks have historically been used for Roof-top Rain Water Harvesting for several decades of the world. More and more (local) governments and industrial companies have realized and understood the advantages and utilities by collecting rainwater. 

In urban areas, our tanks are most ideal for storage of rainwater as these tanks can be easily installed in basements and car parks etc.. The tanks also can be installed in difficult to access areas that usually get wasted.

Rain saves which can be fixed on the roof of the tanks can also facilitate the collection of rainwater that falls on the roof of the tank itself! This is another novel feature which is unique to our tanks only.

Our tanks have found extensive application for the storage of raw and treated water for various applications in industry from water for the process to boiler feed water. The capability of large scale storage with clusters of tanks, enable customers to have millions of liters of water storage using our tanks. Infinity liner is suitable to handle high TDS raw water whether taken from an underground source or directly from the river etc.. Raw water & treated water storage using our tanks find applications in the Power, Steel, Mining, Sugar and Textile Industry. Food-processing and Beverage industries requiring very high quantities of water for their process and cleaning applications benefit by using the our storage technology.


The advantage of increasing the capacity of the tank at a later date is a great advantage for such industries where the likelihood of processes needing enhanced use of water at a short notice is a critical challenge.

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