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DGS Fabrics Tanks are most suitable for the storage of Drinking water. Our partner is perhaps the only tanks manufacturer in the world whose liner has been certified for potable water storage as per ANSI | NSF 61 and also certified by Australian Standards AS/NZS 4020: 2005.


The best part of the liner is the contact layer of Metallocene which is totally inert and does not allow any build-up of slime, algae, or any growth of organic matter or suspended particles, calcination etc.

These tanks are installed for Drinking water storage in Government Water Supply Departments, commercial establishments as well as industrial complexes. The drinking Water tanks can be in the form of a Ground Storage Reservoir (GSR) or Elevated Storage Reservoir (ESR).


Capacities from 10 m3 to 3.000 m3 can be easily installed as a GSR or ESR for Drinking water application. Typical applications for Drinking water storage exist in Residential apartments, Housing Complexes, Integrated Smart Cities, or any Commercial or Industrial Establishment.

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