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DGS Fabrics Tanks have been used for RO and DM water storage applications in manufacturing industries. DM water is highly aggressive in nature needs special care when the tank is being constructed. Normally MS or SS tanks are used with inner lining for this application. Due to the aggressive nature of the stored liquid, this lining needs to be regularly maintained and recoated on a periodic basis. This leads to high initial and recurring costs as well as revenue loss due to the stoppage of work.


Our tanks come with a unique Infinity liner with a Metallocene contact layer is completely inert and ideally suited for such application. It’s got a long life and eliminates the need for coating the full tank on a periodic basis. All exposed surfaces are coated with high-quality epoxy paint and all internal flanges and nuts and bolts used are made from SS.


Similarly RO water being absolutely pure with no impurities is best handled by the Infinity liner. As mentioned earlier the liner is ANSI | NSF -61 certified for potable water and hence is ideally suited for RO water tanks.

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